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What are your all time favorite sporting teams. Who are your all time favorite sporting people.

Being Australian mine may differ from yours. Most of you wont have heard of Donald Bradman, the St George Dragons, John Bertrand or Shane Gould.
All four are my countrymen/women and all four excelled in their respective sports.

Bradman was the Aussie equivalent of Babe Ruth or Joe Di Maggio. Known affectionately as "The Don" he was the cricket world's greatest ever batsman. So dominant was he back in the 1930s, that he rewrote the record books over and over. England, in its efforts to stop this human scoring machine resorted to cheating by stacking one side of the scoring field with catchers then having their bowlers target the body and left side of the batsmen so the only scoring stroke the batsman was able to play was to save themselves from being hit. The Australian media coined this "Bodyline" bowling and the two sides almost came to blows and embroiled the two nations in a heated diplomatic row. The Australians claimed Bodyline was unconscionable and against the spirit of the game.

When Bradman retired his run tally was extraordinary for matches played. In fact his average was only .06 below 100%. That equates to scoring 100 runs ( a century and a major cricket milestone) over more than half the times he batted. On some occasions he even scored double even triple centuries. To call Donald Bradman a cricketing phenomenon is an understatement.
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To my knowledge the St George Dragons Rugby League Club still holds the record for the most consecutive premiership wins by a world sporting team. Between 1956-1966 this Sydney based team was almost unbeatable. On at least three occasions it went thru the entire 28 game season undefeated. The Australian National rugby league side was dominated by St George players in both back and forward positions.

So dominant were the club, the game's bosses were forced into changing the rules in order to halt their 11 year rein. Prior to the change there had been a no limit tackle rule. Meaning a side was able to dominate possession until a handling mistake was made. The new rule change banned the no tackle limit for a set tackle limit after which one side had to relinquish possession to the other side. A level playing field had now been set and the Dragons suddenly found their advantage due to a relentless discipline regime had been lost. The following year the Dragons still made the finals but their world record winning run was over.

I started following St George in boarding school and some 50 years later I am still following them. Tho their glory days are long past.