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Man City fan Jake to hand over Premier League Trophy


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At the point when Manchester City are given the Premier League prize for a fifth time frame on Sunday, an exceptional visitor will assist with introducing the acclaimed flatware.

In December a year ago, 15-year-old City fan Jake Tindale had a medical procedure to eliminate a cerebrum tumor. His story significantly affected staff and players at the club.

Just as getting messages of help from chief Pep Guardiola and the principal group crew, Jake was guaranteed that once it was ok for fans to get back to the Etihad Stadium, he would be welcome to a novel encounter.

That second has now shown up, with Jake being a given a vital job in City's title festivities.

Jake's story

"The club sent me a stunning message from Pep Guardiola and when I saw it I was restless regarding what he would say," Jake told the club's true site.

"At the point when he said I will introduce the prize I was simply stunned - it was perhaps the best astonishment of my life. I actually don't believe it's completely set in the thing I'll do yet, I can hardly wait."

Jake's father Mark honored how Man City have helped his child during an extreme period.

"They have been similar to a family since we had the information on Jake's finding," he said. "Seeing this side of the club and how caring they are has been amazing and it's precious for Jake, it's truly kept his spirits up.

"Jake is a particularly tough person. I'm so glad to be his father. It's figure to rain on Sunday however that downpour will be my tears watching him. He merits this second."

Furthermore, as a recognition for the late Colin Bell, who kicked the bucket in January, Colin's child Dr Jon Bell will some portion of the show party on Sunday and will convey the Premier League Trophy on to the pitch.

"It's a lovely motion from the club to welcome me to be essential for it," he said. "It catches the family air that exists at City, they are extremely in contact with their allies and I think this will be something they will appreciate."