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Remembering Kenny Moore - 2nd In A Series: Marty Liquori remembers


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liquori benjamin lo .jpeg

Marty Liquori and jeff Benjamin as mere teenagers, from a long time ago, photo from Jeff Benjamin Archives

Marty Liquori is one of the great ones. The third high schooler to break 4 minutes for the mile, the Essex Catholic senior ran 3:59.6, also making the 1968 Olympic team at 1,500m.

Plagued with injuries, Marty ran a 3:52.2 in 1975, and an 8:17.12 AR for 2 miles. My favorite Marty Liquori race was in 1977, when he battled Miruts Yifter in the World Cup 5000m, running an AR of 13:15.1. Marty Liquori was ranked Number 1 in 5000 by the bible of the sport, Track & Field News. Many would disagree and note his frequent battles against Jim Ryun.

Marty Liquori went on to found the Athletic Attic franchise and became a fine sports announcer, seen on ESPN, ABC and NBC.

Jeff Benjamin did this interview with Marty Liquori about his friend, the late Kenny Moore, who passed away on May 4, 2022.

Remembering Kenny Moore - 2nd In A Series

By Jeff Benjamin

Marty Liquori

"I am happy to see the many accolades for Kenny. He was a giant of our sport. But for me, he was always a teammate, an intelligent human being. As were his two marathon Olympic teammates Frank Shorter and Jack Bacheler. What a threesome!

AAU Miami 1969 3 mile .jpeg

Kenny Moore, 1969 AAU 3 mile, photo by Jeff Johnson, special thanks to Walt Chadwick

Kenny and I realized our personalities were extremely different.
He the marathoner, me the miler. He the author, me the broadcaster.

I remember once as a meet ended Kenny said, "Well I'll be up all night writing the piece for Sports Illustrated...I have until Wednesday...But sometimes, it takes me 3 days to come up with the opening sentence!"

I,of course, had just done three hours of spontaneous commentary. Some of which I might regret for three days but I was done and heading to the bar and not a quiet hotel room!

We both agreed that his job was my idea of hell and my job was his.

Marathoner ...Miler ..."
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