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Remembering Kenny Moore - 2nd In A Series: Marty Liquori remembers


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Remembering Kenny Moore - 2nd In A Series

By Jeff Benjamin

Marty Liquori

"I am happy to see the many accolades for Kenny. He was a giant of our sport. But for me, he was always a teammate, an intelligent human being. As were his two marathon Olympic teammates Frank Shorter and Jack Bacheler. What a threesome!

AAU Miami 1969 3 mile .jpeg

Kenny Moore, 1969 AAU 3 mile, photo by Jeff Johnson, special thanks to Walt Chadwick

Kenny and I realized our personalities were extremely different.
He the marathoner, me the miler. He the author, me the broadcaster.

I remember once as a meet ended Kenny said, "Well I'll be up all night writing the piece for Sports Illustrated...I have until Wednesday...But sometimes, it takes me 3 days to come up with the opening sentence!"

I,of course, had just done three hours of spontaneous commentary. Some of which I might regret for three days but I was done and heading to the bar and not a quiet hotel room!

We both agreed that his job was my idea of hell and my job was his.

Marathoner ...Miler ..."
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