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Remembering Kenny Moore, 3rd in series, Ron Tabb Remembers...


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Ron Tabb, 1983 Boston, where he took second. The photo was from his Twitter page. Photo credit: Boston Marathon

Ron Tabb is a former marathon, coach, bar owner, and lifelong runner. Ron contributed this memory of Kenny Moore, who passed away last week. Ron took second in the 1983 Boston Marathon, competed in the 1983 World Championships, and was 4th in the US Olympic Trials marathon. Tabb also coached Mary Decker-Slaney for two years, and encouraged Meb Keflezighi to run the marathon. But, that is another story.

We thank Ron Tabb for his thoughtful contribution to the memories of the late Kenny Moore.

Remembering Kenny Moore - 3rd In A Series With Ron Tabb

By Jeff Benjamin

"The first time I ever heard the name Kenny Moore was my freshman year in college at cross country camp while watching the 1972 Munich Olympic marathon. I had only been running for less than 2 years and I had no idea who Frank Shorter was or the American who finished 4th that day. I remember feeling disappointed for the American who just missed out on winning a bronze medal that day.

What is so crazy to me after all years is I would one day meet Frank and Kenny and Jim Mckay who was the voice of so many Olympics, and would narrate an Up Close & Personal on me which was used before the 1983 NYC Marathon (NOTE - Tabb finished that day 3rd overall and the first American behind Rod Dixon and Geoff Smith with a time of 2:10:46!).

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine meeting an Olympian, much less racing an Olympian or becoming friends with such unbelievable athletes. I feel very honored to know them as friends.

So, 1972 was the first time I ever heard the name, Kenny Moore. I moved to Eugene in 1980 to train for the Olympics and when you live and train in Eugene, Oregon, you begin to realize just how small a fish you are in an ocean of great runners and coaches.

There are too many great names to name in this note, but Kenny Moore was one of the great runners I had the honor and privilege of getting to know.

When I first met Kenny, I was surprised at how soft-spoken he was and how approachable he was. I expected someone of his stature would be a little arrogant and be unapproachable. You would never have guessed how great a runner he was by his demeanor. He interviewed Mary (Decker-Slaney) and me in 1982 after she set the WR in the 10,000. At no time during the interview did he ever talk about his experiences as a runner, he was only interested in hearing what Mary, and I had to say about the race.

Looking back, I wish I had asked him about his experiences in the marathon and if he had any advice for me as a marathon runner.

I feel fortunate and honored to have had the opportunity to meet and talk with Kenny, an Oregon running legend."
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