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The Doha Diamond League meeting returns to old Qatar Sports stadium...


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The Doha Diamond League is the first of the 2022 Diamond League meetings, and it happens on May 13, 2022.

Stuart Weir wrote this piece on the Doha DL meeting.


Olympic & Sports Museum, Doha, Qatar, photo by Qatar Olympic Association

The Doha Diamond League which starts the 2022 series is back at the old Qatar Sports stadium. The Khalifa stadium which hosted the 2019 World Championship, is now on Soccer World Cup duty. In all honestly, Qatar Sports is more suited to the event as the normal Doha DL attendance would rattle around in the Khalifa.

Incredible Legacy.jpg

Qatar Sports Stadium, Doha, Qatar, photo by Qatar Olympic Association

The event press conference took place at the new Olympic and Sports Museum, which was set up to showcase the significance and development of sports culture in Qatar.

Doha, Qatar .jpeg

Doha Diamond League, photo by Diamond League AG

The highlight of the press conference was when Gianmarco Tamberi promised that he and Barshim would jump until there was a winner this time! Tamberi also talked about his dunk in the NBA All-Star Celebrity basketball game, which he said was as exciting a moment as the Olympic gold medal. His only disappointment, he confided, that he was still waiting for the Boston Celtics to send him a contract offer.

Presser 1.jpeg

Shaunae Miller-Uibo, Mondo Duplantis, Dina Asher-Smith, photo by Stuart Weir

To see Gianmarco Tamberi's dunk in NBA All-Star Celebrity basketball game:
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